Our History



Our History

  1. Le goût de lire communautaire/community born to read came into existence through the efforts of retired educator, Georgie Crawford. The aim was to promote family literacy by encouraging parents to read to their children and by distributing book bags to families of newborns. With the support of the Montreal Council of Women, Ms. Crawford began recruiting interested volunteers to serve on a steering committee. The first meeting took place in March 2001, The target area for book distribution was deemed to be families in communities served by the Pierrefonds CLSC which has the highest birthrate in the Province of Quebec .

  2. The official launch of le goût de lire communautaire/community born to read took place on Family Literacy Day, January 27, 2002, sponsored by the Dollard des Ormeaux branch of the Pierrefonds/Dollard des Ormeaux Library.

  3. Regular distribution of bags of books commenced in March, 2002, at the Pierrefonds CLSC monthly Well-Baby Clinic held at the A ma Baie police station.

  4. In 2004 Born to Read was expanded to include working with Cloverdale Multi-Ressources which serves families in eastern Pierrefonds.

  5. In September 2005 liaison was established with Céline Beaudouin (community organizer for the Pierrefonds CLSC) and the Table de Concertation Enfant-Famille, which led to our participation in the 1,2,3 Go Project for eastern Pierrefonds.

  6. In 2006 Born to Read expanded to include working with Pierrefonds Community Project which serves families in central Pierrefonds.

  7. In 2006 Born to Read was invited to participate in a program being run in Duff Court, Lachine. The involvement continued until 2009.

  8. In autumn 2007 Born to Read was invited to join the Riverdale Community Learning Centre in order to provide a literacy resource for young families in the area. The project offered the Mother Goose Rhyme Time Program to young children and their parents.

  9. In 2008 Born to Readwas asked to participate in the AMCAL Project at Delmar “Our Place”. The involvement continued until 2010.

  10. In September 2010 Born to Read began Books and Play (a drop-in program for children ages 0 - 4 and their families) held once a week at Riverdale Community Learning Centre.

  11. In September 2011 Born to Read added a second day to the weekly Books & Play program.

  12. In October 2011 Born to Read began a Saturday Morning Club for children ages 5 - 7 at the Riverdale Community Learning Centre.




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